Founding Team


Eliot Logan-Hines, co-founder and Vice President, has a master’s degree in environmental management from Yale University. He has worked for over 6 years in Latin America with farmers associations to develop organizational strength, teach Fair Trade standards, and to develop environmental education curriculum in primary and secondary schools. He also worked for two years as an advisor to climate change negotiations at the United Nations. 


J’aime Mitchell, co-founder and President, has a master’s degree in architecture and sustainable design from the University of Texas. She has worked as a coffee buyer for Whole Foods Market for the past three years. She comes to Towne and Forrester with the strength of understanding the coffee market including quality control, environmental management, and certification systems.

Carolyn T&F.jpg

Carolyn Engel, Towne & Forrester’s Director and newest team member, has lived in Tena, Ecuador for 8 years working in nonprofit and business management. Carolyn is currently pursuing a master’s degree in International Development from the University of Edinburgh and comes to Towne & Forrester with deep understanding of and passion for the Amazon and its people.