Immersive Internships

Towne and Forrester runs independent internship programs for those who are seeking first-hand experience and language immersion.

Interns live with local homestay families and their work is directly overseen by Towne and Forrester’s managers or long-term volunteers. Interns work on a variety of our projects including environmental education and agricultural cooperative development. Their work does not replace the work of any employees of Towne and Forresters nor locals in the community. They are meant to work as facilitators and their work is largely educational, providing an opportunity for volunteering students to learn about international development and environmental issues. 


Many schools offer credit or require an international internship component for their degree programs. In this case, Towne and Forrester can sign off on these requirements for schools. Schools with which Towne and Forrester (previously known as Finca Project) has had the most continuous working relationship in this capacity are:

-Claremont McKenna College

-Princeton University

-Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

-University of San Francisco

-University of California, Santa Cruz


Please send your resume and a brief statement of interest to to apply!