Impact Portfolio

The most recent projects funded through Towne and Forrester.


The Kindle Project

Kindle Project is an outside-the-box grantmaking organization supporting wild solutions, by unusual suspects, in the attempt to move mountains. We are an agile philanthropic organization invested in democratized, collaborative, and strategic grantmaking that aligns donors and projects for meaningful impact. This grant restored and rerelease old Ecuadorian LPs of traditional music through a vinyl label focused on giving quality in depth releases to truly powerful Ecuadorian records and their authors.


The Whole Systems Foundation

Whole Systems Foundation was founded in 1973 by Neill Smith as the education and research arm of Whole Systems Recycling, originator of the first curb-side recycling pick up service in the U.S. During the past 10 years, the Foundation has carried on the eclectic tradition by funding a variety of educational and research projects related to energy and resource conservation. This grant implemented two phases of a Recycling Program and Environmental Education program with students in Tena, Ecuador.


Runa Foundation

Runa Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to create value for intact tropical forests that fosters long-term conservation action. Runa partners with indigenous and rural communities in Peru and Ecuador to build sustainable value chains for native Amazonian products. This grant sponsored Guayusa supply chains and worked with communities to strengthen their agroforestry practices.